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Escritos e Entrevistas – SÉrie Global Village

SÉrie Global Village


The five books in Italian of the Global Village series are available for downloading and are distributed free to the schools participating to the Rotary-Good News Agency school contests, which focus on the Millennium Development Goals.One of these books is published also in English: Knowing how to Give and how to Receive.


Knowing how to Give and how to Receive - Sergio Tripi

The stories in this book about FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, are based entirely on projects that have really been executed. All the characters are real, except for those in the local contexts, who are also real in a certain sense, as they resemble the people whom the author met in the villages of Africa and Central and Southern America.
The reflections on the United Nations give the reader seven keys to understanding the revolution in consciousnesss which humanity is carrying out and which will lead, one day, to eliminate egoism and manifest the fruits of altruism completely.
Together, the stories and reflections offer a perspective full of conscious optimism for the future of the planet on which we live.

Is also available the Italian version.


The other books are available in the Italian Section.

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