Good News Agency

Editorial for Good News Agency No. 1


by Sergio Tripi


 23 June 2000


Dear Colleague, 

   It is with great pleasure that I send you the first issue of Good News Agency, the agency that publishes positive, constructive news of world wide voluntary work, of the United Nations, non-governmental association, and institutions dedicated to improving the quality of life; news which is not “burn out” in a day. 

   It certainly was not necessary to be motivated by a research to be aware that for some time now a certain part of public opinion has had enough of sensational, dramatic news that media use and some times abuse. Even much terrible news from developing countries does not last long because of this growing sensation of saturation, which implies for many people an unexpressed but at the same time perceivable request for something new and more meaningful. 

   Actually, a change in public mentality is taking place, a change that must not be undervalued. This change expresses itself with a still silent request for quality information, a type of information that gives a point of reference in a complex social reality that people try to understand and to participate to. The growing number of men and women dedicated to some sort of voluntary service parallels this unexpressed and yet already tangible tendency.

    It is in these circumstances that the Good News Agency has been founded, with the objective to offer to media a series of information which refers to the formidable world transformation which we are living and to the challenges that are to be met. Media will have the privilege of choice and deeper examination, if they so wish, of that information they consider more suitable to their public. So, an ever grater public will be stimulated again through reading, listening to and seeing also news that testifies to changes that are taking place all over the world. 

   The issues to follow will be sent through Internet. I thus ask you to let me know your editorial office’s e-mail address if it does not yet appear in the published list. No subscription fee or any other form of payment is requested. This is a voluntary service for which possible contributions can only be voluntary.

    I send you my best wishes.

                                                                                               Sergio Tripi


* * * * * * *